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Directions of digitalization
Petropavlovsk is a large industrial and cultural center of the Republic
The area of the city
Population as of May 1, 2018
218 444 people
Digitalization projects
Projects will be implemented in the field of healthcare: "Smart Polyclinic", "Electronic Prescription", "Health Passport" and others, which will provide patients with a unified access to the history of illnesses, anamnesis, prescriptions, recipes, etc. Together with the city's entrepreneurs, an application is being developed for searching medical services and medicines in pharmacies.
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Digitalization projects
The Infobus application has been introduced in the field of transport, which makes it possible to track passenger public transport using a mobile phone via GPS. All buses are equipped with tracking system in Petropavlovsk. It is planned to introduce "Smart" bus stop pavilions. There will be information boards that will also allow to find out the time of arrival of the bus. 4 stand-alone charging stations for mobile devices will be installed in the city. They can be used for free.
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Digitalization projects
HCS (housing and communal services)
The pilot project "Electronic CAO (cooperative of apartment owners)" was launched to ensure transparency of activities and prompt feedback to residents in the sphere of HCS (housing and communal services) in the city; in 2018, it is planned to implement systems for automate transfer of readings from metering devices, as well as mobile payments for communal services; in the course of the year, it is planned to continue the transition to LED lamps with the use of a dimming system that allows to regulate the voltage on street lamps in street lighting.
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Digitalization projects
City governance
In order to quickly and efficiently provide state services in the Akimat of Petropavlovsk, the front-office "Open Akimat" was opened in the sphere of city governance. This is a convenient system of electronic queue, optimization of the specialists' working time, minimization of barriers in obtaining state services. An information center has been set up on the basis of the Open Akimat, thanks to which it is possible to react quickly to emergencies, inform the public and actively interact with the mass media.
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Digitalization projects
In the preschool institutions of the city, it is planned to introduce the Smart-Kindergarten system, which will allow to keep electronic records of attendance, monitoring of children's development, automation of internal business processes in the sphere of education. The E-canteen will be implemented within the framework of the Smart-School project, with the possibility of electronic payment in the canteens of the city schools, display of menu portions, viewing and monitoring the ration of the student through the personal account. And, also, the "Safe School" with the installation of AMCS (access monitoring and control system) and video surveillance systems with an image output to the Center for Operational Management of the DIA (Department of Internal Affairs).
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Digitalization projects
In the tourism sector this year, it is planned to develop a mobile application for tourist facilities in the region and install 5 multimedia stands at the railway station, the airport and the central streets of Petropavlovsk with the indication of cultural, historical, entertainment places, food facilities, and accommodation.
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Digitalization projects
Safety and Security
In the sphere of security, it is planned to implement such projects as: Intelligent transport system "Smart Crossroad", "Safe Yard", "Video Surveillance in the Entrances". At present, 1995 CCTV cameras were connected to the Center for Operational Management of the DIA (Department of Internal Affairs), including objects of social and cultural entertainment in Petropavlovsk.
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Digitalization projects
There are already positive examples of the introduction of new technologies in the field of agriculture: this is satellite monitoring of fields, the use of drones, electronic chipping of animals. The main economic effect is seen in the introduction of elements of precision farming, which include: geoportal, accurate weather data, sensors, and cosmomonitoring.
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